Photos for Change

We're affordable on purpose!

Raising the World's Vibrations with Photography.....



Photos for Change is the cooperative home of highly skilled young photographers that wish to make their living as photographers while giving back to the community energetically. Photos for Change is a business of the new age in history where we know, and work with Universal/Quantum law.  Photos for Change provides affordable high quality photography for any occasion while intending to raise the vibration of our world by emphasizing on capturing everyone and everything at their happiest and most beautiful  
 It is an honor to be invited into your lives and be the ones that help you capture your special memories!





What is the Law of Attraction and why do we run our business this way?

 Simply said the Law of Attraction says: 

You get what you focus on

We’re coming to understand the universe and our every day realities as “ultimate potential.” We are beginning to see and understand that we create our everyday lives whether we acknowledge it or not. Understanding this, we chose to be aware,  and take pleasure in creating our experiences with the Photos for Change community as the most uplifting experiences possible. 





In our everyday business we focus on completing our business with ease and pleasure, though our higher vision is of global consciousness. We focus our minds and our lenses on beauty everywhere we go so we can remind our human family how beautiful we all really are. Because the Law of Attraction states that you get what you focus on/you get what you are (feeling), we hope to get everyone that looks at our photos feeling good. We believe that by emphasizing and sharing good vibrations through photography we can contribute to a much needed balancing of our planet.